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Photo Builder Platinum Version 7.4(2009/08/20)
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Demo for Editing Edit
Demo for Magic pen Magic Pen
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    Photo Builder is an efficient tool for image editing, merging, processing, designing. You can draw on panel with magic pen, you can add art text with 40 different transform shapes.
   Photo Builder can smoothly blend two or more images together.
   Photo Builder has 8 kinds of magic pens for drawing. Those include color pens, image pens, kalei pens; you can also clone an area with clone pen, and gradient fill with different directions.
   Photo Builder provides lots of image filters, such as Lens effect, Fuzzy effect, Rippling effect, Whirl effect, Wind effect, Pencil effect, Glass effect, Mosaic effect, Negative effect, Gray effect. You can also use the program to make adjustments to Color Balance, Brightness, and Contrast.
   Photo Builder can insert art text. You can enhance the text with single color, gradient filling, textures, add shadow, transform with 40 different shapes.
   Photo Builder also provide lots of textures, such as artistic frames, lovely cookies, nice backgrounds. You can choose different masks for images. You can also add your textures to album.
   Photo Builder is an efficient tool not only for image editing/merging, but also for art designing and card making. It has a friendly, concise user interface that is easy to use.

Other Demos to download:
Text Editing, it shows how to input text, how to change font face, how to select filling styles, how to choose transform, how to resize

1. What you see is what you get.
2.It is a powerful digital image tool which integrates image processing, editing, merging, printing, drawing, card making, applying art text.
3.Compact, beautiful graphic user interface. It is user friendly and easy to use
4.Simple operation, so that a user without technical skill can create an impressive art work.
5.Photo Builder can merge two or more images smoothly, you can adjust transparency and apply different masks.
6.You can add your image to Draw-Panel, Photo Builder supports the common image format, such as jpg, bmp, png, tiff, gif, pcx, tga, img, pcx, psd. Especially, it can insert transparent png.
7.You can load a template, edit it, and/or insert your photo
8.You can create/define draw-panel freely, the panel size can be fixed, change with background image, or change with the ratio of background image.
9.You can edit images freely. We provide three mode to select areas: create/add/sub; 11selection tools: face shape, heart shape, half moon shape, pentagon shape, auto-trace, rectangle, square, ellipse, circle, polygon. These are powerful image cut/cropping tools.
10.Separate person/subject from photo, abandon background by selection tools
11.You can add/remove the mask of an image in Image Editing status.
12.The program privides an abundance of image filters, such as Lens effect, Fuzzy effect, Rippling effect, Whirl effect, Wind effect, Pencil effect, Glass effect, Mosaic effect, Negative effect, Gray effect, Color Balance, Bright and/or Contrast adjustment. New filters will be added in new versions.
13.Art text can be filled with single color, gradient color or texture styles.
14.Art text has forty kinds of transformable shapes, such as line style, wave style, etc..
15.You can select art text font style, add shadow to it
16.Following selections are available when magic pen is chosen: Color pen, Image pen, Kalei objects, Clone pen, Water pen, Color Bucket, Gradient Filling with different direction, etc. You can also adjust pen's transparency, width, merge model, such as screen copy, dissolve, sub, etc.
17.Move image/object freely by mouse or clicking the move button.
18.Resize image/object with control handles. You can resize width, height, or both by keeping ratio.
19.Rotate image/object in Draw-Panel, -90 rotation, 90 rotation, 180 rotation, free angle rotation
20.Flip/Mirror image/object
21.Magnify image/object
22.Duplicate image/object
23.Remove image/object
24.Layer Management will allow you to move or edit an image/object in one layer without effecting items in other layer.
25.Change image/object transparency; show effect(s) immediately.
26.Save your work to image file, such as jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, pcx, img, etc.
27.Save your work to template, .brt file. This file type will allow you to open and reedit your work again and again, as needed.
28.Print your work with different style: you can select printer/page, set row/column number to print.
29.You can send your creation to your friends by email.
30.Zoom in and zoom out Draw-Panel proportionally. You can show panel with fit page, fit width, fit height, 100%-15%31.The program come with an abundance of textures, cookies, frames, backgrounds, masks. However, you can also download more items from our web site free of charge.
32.Multiple language support.
33.Redo/Undo to save or restore your action.

Main Window Magic Pen Image Effect
Art Text Image Edit Print Window
Articles from media:
"Photo Builder Wonderful Effect", from

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Joe Armacost------
dear Jacky. Thank you for your quick and personable support. I really like your program, it makes making a photo collage fun and easy. The results are professional and can be used with confidence in any situation calling for complicated but visualy pleasing effects. I have and will continue to recomend it to my friends and coworkers. Thanks again for the great support. Wishing you continued success, Joe Armacost

Clem Bechard------
Love it. I will tell all my friends about it. I will soon add your site name to my site. If that's ok with you guy's.. Clem Bechard

Pat Clark------
I purchased Photo Builder Platinum and I love it. Two of my friends would like to buy it as well, but I do not know where to have them look. They would like to see a web page that shows the features. Do you have such a site? I saw it on TechTV but now I can't find that page. Can you help? Thanks,

Thank you very much! Your program is very good. I spent 8 hours trying to learn how to blend images on Paint Shop Pro, and finally gave up. It took me only one minute with your program. Thank you!

I love Ya !! Working great!

Kent Lundgren------
Love your product but would like more information about how it'll print before I buy. I'm trying to create a Christmas card. Thanks Sonny


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